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Lighting Components

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  1. Capacitors

    Replacement Capacitors HPS

    Starting at: CA$33.95

  2. Male Lamp Cord With Bare Wire End 300V 14/3 - 1ft

    Male Lamp Cord With Bare Wire End 300V 14/3 - 1ft
  3. Male Lamp Cord Extension with 120V Female End - 600V 14/3 - 1ft

    This is a LightEnerG male lamp cord with a 120V female end. It is a 14-3 wire 600V with a length of 1 foot. They're used between a ballast and a male power cord attached to a mogul socket or shade.
  4. Sun System Socket Extender

    These socket extenders are used to lengthen an existing socket in an HID lighting reflector. 600 Volt/4KV pulse rated for use with mogul base sockets and lamps up to 1500 watts. Extends socket 2-3/8 in.
  5. Ignitors


    Starting at: CA$30.00

  6. LEC Mogul Socket Adapter

    This mogul allows you to use LEC (light emitting ceramic) bulbs (also called Ceramic Metal Halide) with a LEC Electronic Ballasts, and connect your ballast to any Shade or Hood you already have! Simply screw this adapter into your existing shade, and you can now run your LEC bulb and LEC ballast without having to replace your shade!
  7. LightEnerG Mogul Set Premium

    LightEnerG Mogul Set Premium

    Starting at: CA$30.00

  8. LightEnerG Mogul Set Econo

    LightEnerG Mogul Set Econo

    Starting at: CA$27.00

  9. Mogul Base Socket 5KV/HOR

    Mogul Base Socket 5KV/HOR

    Starting at: CA$10.95

  10. Male Lamp Cord With Bare Wire End 300V 14/3 - 15ft

    Note that this male lamp cord DOES have a white wire that is not pictured clearly here due to the white background.
Set Descending Direction


10 Item(s)