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Gaia Green Super Fly Insect Frass - 10 kg

Gaia Green Super Fly Insect Frass - 10 kg

Dolopril Lime

  • Dolomitic limestone
  • Neutralizes acidic soils
  • Adds calcium and magnesium
  • Raises soil pH
  • Reduces excess aluminum, iron, and manganese
  • Improves efficiency of potassium
  • Increases available phosphorus and molybdenum
  • Covers up to 2000 sq ft
Dolopril Lime
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100% of Nature's Intent Dolopril lime 25lbs will pass a 30 mesh filter, 70% will pass a 100 mesh screen, and more than 30% will pass a 325 mesh screen. It is made of dolomitic lime that has been crushed to an extremely fine powder. The powder is subsequently formed into granules that are bound together by a binding substance. Then, these granules are separated into two products based on their size: regular passes, which are put through a 4 mesh screen and over a 14 mesh screen, and fine goes, which are put through a 14 mesh screen and over a 35 mesh screen.

Nature's Intent Dolopril 25lbs is made with a highly water-soluble binding ingredient. As a result, the moment Nature's Intent Dolopril 25lbs granules come into contact with water, granule breakdown starts. The numerous microscopic particles that make up the granule are then released into the soil's surrounding aqueous medium, where they start the reaction to adjust soil pH. Store in a dry place for optimal results.

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Organic, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) have all approved the use of Nature's Intent Dolopril in the cultivation of organic crops for the production of organic food and fiber.

Note: For best results, store in a dry location.


Dolopril Lime 25lbs
- Dolomitic limestone
- Neutralizes acidic soils
- Adds calcium and magnesium
- Raises soil pH
- Reduces excess aluminum, iron, and manganese
- Improves efficiency of potassium
- Increases available phosphorus and molybdenum
- Covers up to 2000 sq ft


Dolopril Lime

Size: 25lbs
Material: Dolomitic limestone
Type: Granulated


- Canadian Garden Supply Grow Tents
- Canadian Garden Supply Plant Nutrients
- Dolopril Lime OMRI (.pdf)
- Dolopril Lime Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)
- Nature's Intent Dolopril Label (.pdf)


Nature’s Intent organic fertilizer products provide various plant nutrients that healthy soil needs, including the king of nutrients – calcium – and it provides them from natural sources.

Nature’s Intent aims to improve soil health, producing healthier plants, just as nature intended. Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, Nature’s Intent organic fertilizer products replenish both depleted structural and nutrient soil content – including microbial nutrients – providing a rich soil environment that mimics nature, not supplants it.

The Nature’s Intent organic fertilizer product line offers a variety of formulations suitable to specific residential, agricultural, and commercial soil needs. With years of product testing and outstanding results, the product line is based on a philosophy of complete soil restoration at competitive prices, in easy-to-apply formulations.

A solid business with a 30-year operating history, acquired by Macdonald Development (U.S.A.) Corporation, Pacific Calcium, Inc. operates limestone and dolomite quarries and a manufacturing facility in North Central Washington near the Canadian border. We sell our products through a well-established network of major distributors throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, and British Columbia.


All plants need three main base nutrients on a regular basis throughout their life cycle: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These three macro-nutrients are usually displayed on the packaging of plant nutrients as NPK ratio.

Nitrogen (N) - Nitrogen is very mobile in the soil, and nitrogen in the form of nitrate has a tendency to leach away from the root zone. Nitrogen can also be lost to the atmosphere. Certain fertilizers, particularly urea, are easily converted to volatile forms of nitrogen if watered or incorporated into the soil after application. Soil testing for nitrogen is unreliable because it is so mobile in the soil. Timing of nitrogen fertilizer application should be crop-specific Excessive nitrates in drinking water are an environmental concern—another reason to maximize nitrogen utilization by plants and minimize excessive applications.

Phosphorus (P) - Phosphorus is essential in energy transformations in the plant. Without adequate phosphorus, carbohydrates manufactured in the leaves could not be transported to the flower or developing fruit, or stored in roots or bulbs. Phosphorus is usually associated with flowers, fruiting, and carbohydrate storage in roots, tubers, and bulbs.

Potassium (K) - Potassium is essential for photosynthesis, regulating cell turgidity, respiration, and water movement in the plant. It also controls the opening and closing of the plant’s stomata. Adequate potassium fertilization helps plants cope with drought stress, increases disease resistance, improves winter hardiness, and improves crop quality.


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