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Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust - 2 kg

Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust - 2 kg

Gaia Green Feather Meal 13-0-0 - 1.5 kg

Gaia Green Feather Meal 13-0-0 - 1.5 kg

Gaia Green Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg

  • A top source of slow-release calcium.
  • Comparable to limestone in terms of reducing soil acidity.
  • Renewable resource.


An environmentally friendly substitute for mined limestone with a comparable ability to reduce soil acidity is Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg by Gaia Green. For several years, improved soil characteristics can result from a single treatment. All gardens that want to raise the pH of their soil should use Gaia Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg.

The Gaia Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg has a high-quality ag/lime soil conditioner that releases nutrients over the short and long term to regulate pH levels. In order to rectify Ca shortages and raise pH in acidic soils, natural, organic calcium sources are utilized.

Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg by Gaia Green has a natural balance of 10 additional minerals and micronutrients in addition to 96% calcium carbonate. Particles of varying sizes offer both short-term and long-term fertilization.


Gaia Green Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg is approved for use in organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada (in compliance with Canada’s Organic Production Systems General Principles & Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists (CAN/CGSB 32.310-2015 and CAN/CGSB 32.311-2015)).


Gaia Green Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg
- A top source of slow-release calcium.
- Comparable to limestone in terms of reducing soil acidity.
- Renewable resource.


Gaia Green Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg
Brand: Gaia Green
Nutrient Material Type: Powder
Volume: 2kg


Gardens and Landscapes:
- For reducing soil acidity, broadcast and incorporate 0.5 - 6.75 kg per 10 m2 (1 - 13.8 lbs per 100 ft2).
- For equal pH adjustment sandy soils require a lower rate compared to clay soils and those high in organic matter.
- Consult an agronomist to determine appropriate rates for your garden soil.

- Consult an agronomist to determine an appropriate application rate.
- Typical rates are between 560 to 6700 kg per ha (500 to 6000 lb per acre).

Top-dressing hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes:
- Mix in 15 ml per 4 L (1 tbsp per gallon) of soil or growing media.
- Apply monthly or as desired.
- Effects of this product on soil pH may take in excess of 1 year to be fully realized.

NOTE: Store in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. Protect from frost and other climatic extremes. Seal packaging between uses.


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- A Little About Gaia Green Organics
- Gaia Green Organics - Now Available in the USA!


Gaia Green Products Ltd. is devoted to producing optimal plant performance by feeding the soil with quality organic amendments. We are dedicated to supporting an increase in the use of organic products in our urban and rural communities. Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility as a company has driven us to provide our customers with the highest quality earth-friendly products.


This is an innovative, groundbreaking approach to external conditions changing the Canadian agriculture industry. This is not about belief systems. This is about taking the opportunity to expand business by meeting customer needs in a changing market.


Our products have been proven successful in a number of horticultural and agricultural applications. Trials indicate increased natural resistance to drought and general stress along with a number of cost savings benefits. Growers across the spectrum of horticultural disciplines report a profound increase in vitality.


Gaia Green provides Natural Soil Management solutions for certified organic farmers and gardeners as well as horticultural professionals. We inventory one of the largest selections of organic fertilizers and natural soil amendments in Canada to meet the specific nutrient requirements of our varied customers.


All of our blended products are unique organic/natural formulations. They are not based on N-P-K technology, they are designed to increase biological activity, enhance natural biological processes and complete the mineral complex in the soil. This improves the soil's ability to cycle nutrients naturally and increases plant vitality to an optimum level.


All plants need three main base nutrients on a regular basis throughout their life cycle: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These three macro-nutrients are usually displayed on the packaging of plant nutrients as NPK ratio.

Nitrogen (N) - Nitrogen is very mobile in the soil, and nitrogen in the form of nitrate has a tendency to leach away from the root zone. Nitrogen can also be lost to the atmosphere. Certain fertilizers, particularly urea, are easily converted to volatile forms of nitrogen if watered or incorporated into the soil after application. Soil testing for nitrogen is unreliable because it is so mobile in the soil. Timing of nitrogen fertilizer application should be crop-specific Excessive nitrates in drinking water are an environmental concern—another reason to maximize nitrogen utilization by plants and minimize excessive applications.

Phosphorus (P) - Phosphorus is essential in energy transformations in the plant. Without adequate phosphorus, carbohydrates manufactured in the leaves could not be transported to the flower or developing fruit, or stored in roots or bulbs. Phosphorus is usually associated with flowers, fruiting, and carbohydrate storage in roots, tubers, and bulbs.

Potassium (K) - Potassium is essential for photosynthesis, as regulation of cell turgidity, respiration, and water movement in the plant. It also controls the opening and closing of the plant’s stomata. Adequate potassium fertilization helps plants cope with drought stress, increases disease resistance, improves winter hardiness, and improves crop quality.


If you're here to buy Gaia Green Oyster Shell Flour - 2 kg or any other hydroponic products for your indoor growing needs know that we back up all products with support and best price guarantee. We thank you for making Canadian Garden Supply hydroponics store your online hydroponic grow store of choice.


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